10 Tips for Buying Furniture Online

Furniture plays a vital role in decorating your home and enhancing its overall look and feel. Choosing the right furniture can be a daunting task, as it involves selecting pieces that are not only stylish but also functional and comfortable. Here are some tips to help you choose the Wooden Furniture for your home.

1.   Consider The Quality Of The Photography

Quality online modern furniture stores understand the importance of quality photography. They understand that pictures give customers an accurate sense of what the product will look like when it arrives at their home (and how it relates to the rest of the environment).

Great sites, therefore, include pictures of the furniture from multiple angles, giving you a sense of the proportions and dimensions. They also carefully consider backgrounds, showing you how good the furniture designs would look if added to the right interior.

2.   Ensure You Know The Measurements When Buying Furniture Online

Quality online furniture stores also supply exact measurements, ensuring that you can install furniture where you intend once it arrives.

Don’t assume that the furniture will automatically fit just because the measurements appear to indicate it will. Often vendors will list lengths and widths that don’t take the furniture’s embellishments instance. For instance, a sofa might have a small footprint on the floor, but once you include the arms and back, it could be much bigger.

If you’re unsure whether a piece of wooden furniture will fit, call the vendor or the company that manufacturers it and ask for more information. They will usually be able to tell you whether their product will fit in the space you identify using the information you provide, plus warn you of potential issues you might encounter.

3.   Check-Out Store Reviews

Thanks to the internet, finding verified customer reviews of furniture website and furniture store is easy. Just type the name of the vendor into Google search followed by the word “review.” The search engine will then automatically provide its own review page in results or those of third-party review sites.

Reviews reveal all sorts of interesting information about the furniture vendor’s quality, besides a quick overall star-rating. Detailed customer descriptions talk about important aspects of the service, such as how long the vendor takes to deliver, the quality of products when they arrive, and whether the seller honours its guarantees.

4.   Ask Whether The Returns Policy Suits You

Let’s say the worst happens, and you order online furniture that doesn’t compliment your interiors. In that case, it’s nice to have a full return and refund policy you can fall back on if you make a mistake (or the product doesn’t live up to your expectations).

Honest, reliable and confident companies are upfront with their returns policies. They may even advertise buying their furniture as “risk-free” by offering a time-limited money-back guarantee.

The majority of stores offer a 7-day return policy as standard, allowing you to get an exchange or full refund. Some will extend this to sixty days – particularly mattress vendors keen to reassure customers of their products’ comfort.

Beware of “restocking” fees or any other additional charges when making a purchase. Most vendors will only charge you for the return postage.

5.   Consider The Shipping Costs

Some companies include shipping fees in the price. Others charge it separately, but ultimately, customers always wind up footing the bill. The question is, how?

The simplest setup is when the vendor ships good for free and rolls the courier fee into the price. This way, you can easily compare the total price of the item across stores.

Sometimes, though, the vendor will quote the shipping price separately. In this case, you’ll need to be more vigilant. The furniture designs sticker price might be lower, but the net cost could be much greater when you include hefty shipping fees.

Please note that even if a vendor says “free shipping,” there may still be caveats. For instance, to access free shipping, you might need to spend more than AUD 100 or 200. If your transaction is less than the threshold, you may have to pay a separate fee.

6.   Look For Stores Offering Pick-Up

Depending on the type of furniture you wish you purchase, you might want to opt for stores offering store pick-up. For instance, if you are ordering a delicate piece of sheesham wood furniture and you want it to arrive undamaged, you might opt to collect it from a depot or outlet, instead of leaving the “last-mile” to couriers.

Store pickup is a perfect option for anyone who owns a large truck or van. You can often save on delivery costs considerably by collecting the items yourself. Some online vendors will even offer discounts.

7.   Choose The Right Delivery Method For You

Few people consider the optimal shipping option when buying books online. But when it comes to larger, less manageable items, choosing the right delivery method is critical.

There are three popular deliver methods to consider:

  • Front door delivery: Front door delivery is the least elaborate delivery method. A delivery driver hauls the solid sheesham wood furniture out of the van and leaves it by your door, before driving off (just as with any other regular delivery).
  • Inside-delivery: This type of delivery service is a step up. It is where the delivery driver brings the furniture inside your house and places it in a location of your choosing. It costs more than traditional front-door delivery but reduces the risk you might injure yourself.
  • White glove delivery: So-called “white glove” delivery offers the full works, including bringing your new furniture inside and setting it up correctly.

Which you choose depends largely on your health and fitness. If you’re strong enough to lift furniture yourself and want to save money, front door delivery might be the best option. On the other hand, if you have a bad back, you might want to opt for white glove delivery.

8. Read The Description In Full

The description under the product might seem like a marketing spiel (and it is). But it would be best if you still read it. It will often provide essential information about the product and whether it is right for your circumstances.

For instance, reading the descriptions in detail tells you about the type of material the product contains, and whether it is sustainable. It also educates you about alternative product uses, features you might miss, and the dimensions.

9. When Buying Furniture Online, Only Use Sites With Secure Connections

Most of the time, you don’t think twice about entering your bank and credit card details into online shopping forms. After all, it’s usually safe. However, not all e-commerce stores are secure, meaning that hackers could potentially intercept your personal data as it travels from your computer to the store’s web host and back again.

Here’s some advice: whenever you visit an e-commerce furniture website, always check for the padlock symbol to the left of your URL bar. If it’s bolted, the site is safe. If it’s not, the site isn’t secure, and you shouldn’t use it, even for browsing.

10. Use Stores With Brick-And-Mortar Locations

Online furniture stores india with brick-and-mortar locations offer several advantages for savvy shoppers.

First, you’re able to physically inspect goods and see how they feel before ordering them solid wood furniture online and see real-life colors, instead of viewing them through a screen.

Second, you’re able to eliminate shipping costs while benefiting from online best prices furniture. In some cases, the in-store sticker price will be higher than the online price, so you can save money using click and collect.

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