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Give a Perfect Look Your Living Room with a Center Coffee Table

The perfect Wooden Center Coffee Table should be the right size to accommodate eatables and drinks while sitting on the sofa and sturdy enough to support books or even your feet. It should also blend in aesthetically with the sofa sets surrounding it as well as with the living room design.

A coffee table, also popular as a coffee table is the central attraction of the living room. Centre coffee tables are an important piece of furniture — after all, they’re practical and they add a decorative element to your space — so you should be thoughtful when picking one out. The ideal coffee table will bring together the furniture in a room by filling in the gap, without taking up the breathing space for movement and balance. If your seating area is large or is laced by a sectional sofa, you can create two or more centre points to create a balanced look. Selecting the right size and shape for your center coffee table is important. However, its visual appeal is a big part of the decision, too. Center tables are available in different materials, sheesham wood, glass (or just glass-topped). They also come in a range of styles and designs, from sleek mid-century modern picks to simple, wooden designs to farmhouse-inspired rustic picks — and everything in between. Be sure to choose a table based on what best complements your space and is in sync with the decor of your room.

Tips for Choosing an Ideal Coffee Table:

  • Try to have an optimal distance of 18 inches between the centre table and other furniture
  • The table should be smaller than two-thirds of the largest piece of seating in the room. It should have enough space for placing functional items like laptops, tea trays etc and also for aesthetic items like flowers, coffee table books etc.
  • The center table’s height match or be a couple of inches lower than that of the sofa next to it for ease of access as well as comfort

Sarcraft Wooden Center Coffee Table

This wooden centre table is ideal for spaces with a midcentury modern design theme. It will provide a streamlined appeal to your living room and would match well with seating arrangement in the shades of white, beige, grey and taupe. Made from high-quality sheesham wood, the centre table is designed with smooth edges with a Natural finish.

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